About Me

Bore da! I’m Carrie Jones, a proud welsh woman located in the centre of Wales and now setting up her own blog to try something new and have a bit of fun! 

I live in a small town and work at the local Post Office, the people I work with are so much fun and you can always have a conversation with anyone that comes in, which is my favourite thing about living in a place where everyone knows everyone! I live with my husband David and our two children Cerys and Dan, and although the days can be stressful, we are a very close family and always have a giggle at the tea table at night. 

My blog is going to be about many different topics including but not limited to physical and mental health, animal care, road trips, and dating advice (I like to think of myself as a matchmaker since I brought together quite a few of my friends with their now husbands haha!) but I would also love to talk about things like cooking and vacation hotspots. I am really excited to get started and do something different because although I enjoy my job it can get very repetitive so having a hobby like writing a blog should give me that variety that I am looking for in my life. 

Why Vision Sheen? I picked the name because I was trying to play off the idea of a blog through my own eyes, also I think it sounds like a pretty cool name! I asked people to pick random words whilst I was at work so it is also a collaborative name between me and my whole town! 

More About Me:

Favourite Sport – Rugby (obviously!)

Favourite Animal – Giraffe

Favourite Dessert – Classic Trifle (but no jelly!) 

Favourite Game – Monopoly