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8 Reasons You’re Getting Acne

It happens to us all from time to time. We’ll get that horrible white spot that turns into a zit, and then we have to try and deal with it. The thing is, even if we do deal with it, it can return. So then the question becomes why?

Well, there’s never one simple answer, but below we’ve got 8 of the most common reasons you’re getting acne, even if you’re sticking to that nightly routine. And remember, sometimes it’s just a small fact of life. If you’re getting severely bothered by it, try marijuana for acne, however, be sure to check in with your doctor, or a dermatologist.

With that said, let’s get to the list.

1) Your Mask Isn’t Clean

Facemasks. We all have to wear them. That’s just life at the moment, right? But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them. Not only is that safer from a Covid standpoint, but it also makes sure the oil that gets trapped in it isn’t rubbing against your skin! Also, avoid wearing makeup underneath it if you can – Lipstick is fine, but foundation isn’t really needed.

2) Your Acne Is Fungal

So here’s something you may not be aware of – sometimes that acne you suffer from, the kind that won’t go away no matter the treatments you use? That may not be traditional acne. It could be a fungal infection that’s irritating the skin and causing small, itchy red bump-like breakouts across your face and chest. It’s in the hair follicles there, and so it needs a different treatment. Luckily, something like an OTC dandruff shampoo that contains zinc pyrithione or selenium sulfide could do the trick. Wash your face normally, apply to the skin, wait ten minutes and then wash it off.

3) You Need To Clean Your Pillowcase

You clean your bedsheets regularly, but your pillowcase may need some extra help. As in, once every few days you should wash it. That can seem excessive, but think about it for a moment – you lie against them every night. They absorb the oils and sebum from your face. And if you don’t clean that regularly, then it just sits against your face again the next night, causing irritation. So wash them a little more – or even switch to a satin/silk pillowcase to help prevent abrasion too.

4) You Could Be Over Scrubbing Your Face

We all know we need to exfoliate and clean our skin, but sometimes we overdo it. This can cause some serious skin damage, removing the protective layer that stops us from being able to naturally prevent acne from bursting onto the scene. Try cutting back on the scrubs for a little bit, and use something like glycolic acid that doesn’t need such aggressive movements to make a change.

5) Your Hair Products Are Clogging Pores

Simple one here – what is good for your hair may not be good for your skin. Or, it could be too much of it is lingering, and that’s causing the issues for you. Switch to a sulfate-free shampoo and make sure to keep that conditioned hair off of your back while it soaks in. You may want to check out professional shampoo and conditioner products to see what you can get that won’t affect your skin as much as your previous bottles. Really cheap hair products may cause more issues if consistently used.

6) Your Sunbathing Habits Are Drying Your Skin Out

Look, we all know about the big negatives of sunbathing. Skin cancer is a big deal, and if you don’t use sunscreen to protect yourself it could get you when you’re soaking up some rays (or even going to the tanning beds). But if you’re the kind of person who thinks the sun is curing your acne, you’re wrong. It’s drying that skin out, which triggers excess oil production. Yikes. The solution is simple though. Just stop tanning bed visits, and get that sunscreen on.

7) Your Life Is Stressful, And That’s The Cause

Another short one, but if you’re overwhelmed with stress then there are a lot of health issues that can come into play, including with your skin. Acne can be triggered by stress, and while it isn’t easy to just get rid of this factor, try introducing a little self care to help yourself out.

8) You Need To Sleep More

Finally, one thing that we need to be healthy. Sleep. It seems we’re never getting enough, and while we hear no end of how this can affect us otherwise, people forget that this also affects our skin. The issue with acne is that lack of sleep keeps a high level of cortisol in the body, and this can trigger acne breakouts like nothing else. Why? This hormone makes your oil glands clock into overdrive, causing excess grease on the face. To combat this many people use things like bongs to smoke marijuana, which has both the properties to help with getting enough sleep and reducing acne. Furthermore, people can get supplies for things like this if they contact companies like BongsMart so they can always be well-rested and have perfect glowing skin!

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