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4 Korean Food Hotspots to Visit

We’re all about visiting new places and trying out new cuisines or foods. But sometimes, traveling can be expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes scary—unless you’ve got good travel advice and resources. That’s why it’s a must to know where to go, especially when hunger kicks in when in Korea. If you’re looking for some Korean food recommendations that fit the current interest in Korean food, here are four foods to try. 

If you’re looking to eat Korean food, you should try making kimchi, one of the most famous Korean dishes.

Here are the four Korean food hotspots to visit:

  • Noodle sausages at Abai Sundae, Sokcho

Sokcho is one of four Korean food hotspots and the best to sample Korean food. It is the largest city in Gangwon province and is located in North Korea. After all the excitement of getting to Korea and immersing myself in its food culture, it was time to come back home and revisit some of my favorite Korean comfort foods. Those of you who have been to Sokcho, South Korea, might remember that the town is famous for its Abai Sundae, a popular 30-year-old thick and hearty dish of conger eel and noodles. 

  • Stamina-giving eel dishes at Eel Alley, Jinju

Eel Alley, a small restaurant in Jinju, is famous for its eel dishes. The restaurant offers a variety of different kinds of eels that are grilled to perfection, resulting in a dish that is both delicious and a challenge to eat. Eel Alley is one of the most famous restaurants in Jinju, and its popularity has been growing since it began offering eel dishes in 2005. Eel Alley in Jinju, South Korea, is one of four Korean food hotspots to visit in your lifetime. Eel Alley is a small alley lined with restaurants that specialize in eel dishes. The eel dishes are such a specialty that Jinju is colloquially known as “Eel Alley City.” Eel Alley in Jinju, South Korea, is one of four Korean food hotspots to visit in your lifetime.

  • Harbour food at Chungmu Gimbap, Tongyeong

It is no secret that Korea is a foodie paradise, and Tongyeong is no exception. The harbor district of Tongyeong is home to several eateries that draw tourists and locals alike, and the most renowned is a ramen shop called Chungmu Gimbap. The restaurant is known for its gimbap, a traditional side dish made of rice cakes and spicy veggies, but its bulgogi is its main draw. The city of Tongyeong is located in the southeast of Korea, not far from the border with China. The city’s name means “harbor food town” in Korean, and it’s easy to see why, with three delicious and different types of gimbap (Japanese sushi rolls) restaurants, as well as gimbap restaurants that are famous for their delicious fish.  The large variety of hidden gimbap restaurants is one of the best parts of Tongyeong.

  • Bibimbap at Jongno Hoegwan, Jeonju

If you’re a fan of Korean cuisine, then you have to have heard of bibimbap, the delicious rice, and vegetable dish. Jongno Hoegwan is a popular place to go for bibimbap in Seoul. Here, you can get the traditional bibimbap dish, cooked in stone bowls with a spicy red hot stone bowl-like top. Every city has its unique food and dining culture, and I’m here to introduce four Korean food hotspots to visit. Jongno Hoegwan, Jeonju: a contemporary Korean restaurant in Jeonju, the ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom, is a must-visit for all aficionados of Korean food. (It also was the setting for a popular Korean television drama, “Dae Jang Geum.”) The most representative dishes here include bibimbap, a hearty bowl of rice topped with an assortment of side dishes, and the Sancheong-jjigae, a sweet and spicy stew made with mushrooms onions, and peppers.

You can stop by at any of these places or your favorite convenient store whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about traveling too far for a good meal or getting lost when you’re navigating unfamiliar city streets in Korea. You can explore new places and meet new people while enjoying these Korean foods.

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