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Aggression In Dogs And What To Do About It

Dogs are man’s best friend, and you should never feel guilty for loving one. Unfortunately, many dogs and owners end up in unhappy circumstances, with dogs being the victims of attacks. If a dog is attacked, there are steps that you can take to ensure that your dog survives the attack. However, when the roles reverse and your dog attacks someone, you could find yourself landing in trouble.

Dog bites are dangerous, and for some dogs, the chances of them biting again are high. If your dog bites someone or causes serious injury, it’s critical to take legal action. In Michigan, dog owners are liable for dog bites, and dog owners can be sued if they fail to behave with their pets properly. This is likely the case in other states and countries as well.

Sometimes, dog owners may not be aware that their dog displays aggressive behavior or bites other people. In this case, it may be your responsibility to make it known to them. The sooner they understand the circumstances, the safer you will all be, including the dogs.

Here Are Some Steps You Can Take to Combat the Problem

If your dog bites someone, you may have to face legal concerns in addition to those of public safety. It can also be troublesome for you if another dog bites you or your dog. For example, if your dog has never been bitten before, but the dog in question shows signs of aggression, such as growling, snapping, or lunging, as an owner, you could face criminal charges for bringing up a dangerous dog.

  • Explain to the owner that his dog is aggressive.

When a dog attacks someone, the dog’s owner should promise the dog will be euthanized if his dog attacks again. Otherwise, the owner can face criminal charges. And owners can’t just assume their dog is friendly. There are signs that a dog is aggressive, and owners should know how to recognize those signs. Veterinarians say owners should keep in mind that dogs attack because they are in pain.

  • Tell the owner that the dog attacks people.

If your dog attacks someone—a child or anyone else—ensure that you keep him away from strangers or always tie them on a leash. If you find someone approaching to pet your dog, tell them that the dog attacks people and warn them to keep their kids away from the animal. Tell other dog owners the same; especially if you do notice a dog that’s aggressive and the owner does nothing about it. If the dog continues to attack people, the owner will have to put it down. If he does not, the best option is to call the police before the dog gets the chance.

  • Tell the owner that you need the dog to be put down.

If you witness a neighbor dog attacking or biting a child, pet, or adult, tell the owner of the dog that you need the dog to be put down. The pet parent is responsible for keeping the dog under control. And, if the animal continues to misbehave, the owner must pay for the costs incurred by the victim. If a dog attacks someone, you should immediately contact the owner and request the animal to be removed from the premises. If not, you could be in serious legal trouble for not reporting the violation.

  • Explain to the owner that his dog is a danger to the public.

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they can also be his worst enemy, and a dog that has attacked a person or animal is a danger to the public. If you notice that the dog has attacked someone, explain to the owner that his pet is a danger to the public. Remind him again that the dog should be on a leash or in a fenced yard at all times.

Reason Why the Dog Attacked Someone

Maybe you were attacked by a dog or perhaps your dog could have attacked someone else. Either way, the situation is a scary one. But they can be even scarier or infuriating when you become the victim of a dog attack. Usually, the higher chances of this happening can be when you are walking your dog or letting them off-leash. Why do dogs show such behavior?

  • Fear – Fear is a universal emotion (at least most of the time). Most dogs tend to attack when they experience utmost fear. It could be their coping mechanism to protect themselves. They might see the other person as a threat and lunge at them to act on the fear.
  • Startled – Dogs are sometimes startled by loud noises, fireworks, and unfamiliar dogs. Or they might be startled by other animals or people. Whatever the reason, a dog who is startled may react as quickly to whatever is causing the disruption as he does to an actual threat—by barking or biting.
  • Protecting/Guarding – Some dogs, especially guard dogs, bite to protect what they perceive are their puppies, their master, or issues in their environment. From their puppy stage, they are trained to protect and care. So, if they happen to notice a threat or experience confusion in the surroundings that they are brought up in, the dog might pounce and attack the other person who is within the vicinity.
  • Frustration – Frustration is the emotion that one gets when they want something to happen, and it doesn’t happen fast enough. It is also something that provokes a person to get angry with their dogs. The dogs are exhibiting aggressive traits because of the frustration from their owner’s side.
  • Pain – Pain happens to be the most common reason why a dog might bite. They do not have the ability to communicate and emote the way how they are feeling like how we humans do. Therefore, when the pain gets too bad for the dog, they might act on it by biting someone.

Even if your dog is friendly and has never shown any signs of aggression, there is always the possibility that something might trigger it to bite. You will likely be worried, upset, and maybe even shocked if your dog bites someone.

The good news is that dog bites can be prevented, especially if you know your dog is likely to bite or what triggers them. It is important to work with your veterinarian to learn your dog’s behaviors and determine if they require socialization classes or professional training. Also, keeping your dog on good behavior is equally important.

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